Scientific Methodology
and Work Packages

Work Packages

Wp1 - management

Wp2 - State Of Art

Main achievements:

  • Review of relevant available composite technologies
  • Comparison between various manufacturing technologies to achieve project objectives
  • Comparison between various materials, and material selection
  • Comparison between various matrix systems

Wp3 - Concept

Main achievements:

  • Design concept of demonstrator
  • Production concept
  • Initial stress analysis
  • Weight reduction analysis
  • Cost analysis

Option 1

Door linkage Flat Plates

2 Carbon/Epoxy Flat Plates of ~9mm

  • Layup by ATL/AFP
  • Trim to shape & drill
  • Assembly of 2 plates, bushings & spacers

Option 2

Door linkage Machine Plate

1 Carbon/Epoxy Flat Plate of ~38mm

  • Layup by ATL/AFP
  • Trimmed to shape
  • Machined/drilled as needed

Option 3

Door linkage TFP preform+RTM

  • Preform with holes
  • RTM injection with bushing

Wp4 - Preliminary Design

Flat plate analysis

Main achievements:

  • Preliminary layout design – selection out of several designs
  • Preliminary design
  • Preliminary design of manufacturing tooling
  • Preliminary stress analysis

Wp5 - Design

Door linkage Finite elements modeling

Main achievements:

  • Demonstrator’s detail design
  • Tools detail design
  • Stress analysis
  • Prototype approval
  • Proposed test campaign
Door linkage modeling
Door Rod Interface

Wp6 - Manufacturing

Placing of door linkage preform in tooling before injection

Main achievements:

  • Prototype manufacturing. Production of the first article
  • Manufacturing and provision of test equipment
  • Manufacturing of tools
Door rod assembled foam foam core on an Ø8mm steel mandrel

Manufacturing process

Door linkage manufacturing phases

  • 1
Preform preparation
  • 2
  • 3
Preform operation for RTM injection
  • 4
RTM Injection
  • 5
Door linkage

Door rod manufacturing phases

Wp7 - Testing

Main achievements:

  • Execution and verification of elements’ tests
  • Execution and verification of demonstrator tests

Scientific methodology

Door linkage overlap technology was used to demonstrate joint of two identical sub preform to one preform

Door linkage overlap technology
Door linkage overlap technology